Hypnosis for Quality of Life



I am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists. The NGH is a not-for-profit, educational corporation in the state of New Hampshire. Founded

in 1951, the Guild is the

largest professional

organization in the U.S. comprised of dedicated individuals committed to advancing the field of hypnotism.


I attended classes from 2002 to 2004 at the

Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy located

in Palo Alto, California. In 2004, I completed

the program. The following year, we

moved to Boise, Idaho.




I, or anyone affiliated with Hypnosis for  Quality of Life, do

not diagnose, treat, prescribe or cure. If

you have a health concern or condition, please consult with a

physician first.


for  Quality of  Life

See Google map below.

6126 W. State Street

Boise, Idaho 83703


Liz Owen-Brune

Consulting Hypnotist

Please email me for an appointment or if you have a comment or question.

Client trust, comfort, and respect are first and foremost. Thank you!

Some hypnosis facts:

  1. You cannot be stuck in a hypnotic state nor would you say or do anything you wouldn’t normally say or do.

  2. Conversing during a session comes easily and clients remember what was said.

  3. You cannot be hypnotized if you do not wish to be and not everyone can be.

  4. As a hypnotist, I guide clients so they can learn the technique of self-hypnosis
    for themselves.

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  1. I accept checks and cash. $98 per session.

• Discounts available

for multiple sessions. 

  1. Reduced fees



Hypnosis for Quality of Life

is in the

Plantation Business Center

as seen from this street view

off of State Street, Boise.

Email me for free brochures on hypnosis and

guided imagery.

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